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Holistic Massage & Bodywork

Sound Healing

Reiki, Sekhem & Energy Healing

Specialising in Women’s Health and Well-Being

Bodywork and Healing Therapies to
Re-connect your mind, body & soul.

Are you feeling overwhelmed in these changing times? It’s so important to take care of ourselves so we have the energy to care for those we love.

Nyree has a passion for assisting others to feel less stress, tension and anxiety and to re-connect with themselves.

Over the past 20 years, Nyree has helped many regain that feeling of inner peace and freedom within their body, mind and soul. 

Studio is l0cated in Doreen, Melbourne. Sessions by appointment only. Mobile service is also available.

Massage Therapies

 Nyree incorporates a combination of therapeutic massage therapies into her deeply relaxing individually tailored sessions.

There are many reasons to have massage/bodywork including:

Promotes Deep Relaxation

Decreases muscle pain and tension

Increases Faster recovery of soft tissue injuries

Decreases Nervous tension and anxiety

Increases ‘Feel good’ hormones

Promotes Deeper Sleep

Increases Flexibility and joint mobility

Increases Immunity

Improves Digestion

Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Healing is the use of varied instruments such as voice, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, medicine drums, flute, bells, chimes, tuning forks etc., which are played to release stress and re-align your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. Researchers have found that Sound healing postivitely affects our nervous system, lowers blood pressure and brings the brain into alpha and theta brainwaves. Alpha and theta brain waves elicit a meditative and peaceful state. Newer research shows that Binaural beats- when two tones are played at the same time, balance out mood states and reduce anxiety.

Services & Packages 

Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage or Relaxation/Swedish Massage/Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes • $110

90 minutes • $160

Deep tissue massage works on the deeper layers of muscles and fascia. Helps to release muscle pain, tension, headaches, increases range of motion and flexibility. Great for people who spend lots of time behind computers or the demands of modern life.

Swedish massage therapy uses long flowing strokes to relax the entire body. This session aims to release muscle tension and decrease stress. You will feel renewed and rejuvenated after your session.

Intuitive Bodywork and Sound Healing

120 minutes • $220

This is my unique signature treatment which uses a combination of Intuitive bodywork, Aromatherapy, Sound healing and Sekhem (hands-on energy healing).

This transformative session aims to release old dense energy from your being and leave you with a sense of re-alignment, balance and grounding.

Sound Healing and Chakra balance

60 minutes • $120

If you are looking for some much needed self-care in a nurturing space, this treatment will support you in re-calibrating your heart, body and soul. I offer a deeply relaxing session using my voice, tuning forks, various traditional instruments from ancient cultures around the globe and Sekhem energy healing. These sessions are performed while you are fully clothed and lying on my massage table. 

Photo by Lydia Trappenberg


‘I am so grateful for Nyree and the therapeutic healing work that she offers. I have been fortunate enough to experience sound healing with Nyree, and afterward was just in awe of the trans-formative power of sound. Nyree was comforting and professional during the whole session, guiding me through the process and intuitively allowing for what I needed-which was something that I couldn’t articulate clearly, yet she was able to understand perfectly.’

Jen E.

‘Absolutely recommend Nyree! I received a sound healing and I’m hooked! It was not only just an amazing experience as everything is very new to me. I could actually feel the different sensations during the energetic part to the point I cried mid-session, rest assured tears of release (not pain) from feeling so heavy for so long and Nyree and her amazing technique was able to shift all that. I’ve felt so light and amazing ever since! I would recommend this service to anyone. Everyone would benefit from her amazing sound healing’ 

Bianca F.

‘I highly recommend Nyree’s beautiful massage/healing. It was both relaxing and soothing. I felt a sense of peace that I had not experienced for some time. Nyree utilised a number of techniques including relaxation massage and sound therapy’

Alana S

‘Nyree is a deeply intuitive and talented practitioner and my session with her was incredibly healing on many levels’

Sarah S


Book a Massage or Healing Session Today!

Nyree is a member of the Massage and Myotherapy Association and can offer rebates for most private health funds for Massage. 

Nyree looks forward to supporting you in your Health & Well-Being. Please call or send an enquiry if you would like to book or ask any questions.

Ph: 0408 505 739




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About Nyree


Nyree has a passion for assisting others to feel less stress, tension and anxiety and to re-connect with themselves.

As a Mum of three children Nyree understands the demands of juggling motherhood, work and life. After experiencing Pre/Post Natal Depression and anxiety and recovering with holistic therapies, she has found her inner peace and joy and is inspired to help others do the same.

Nyree is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and has been working in the Health and Wellness industry for 20 years. Over this time, she has learnt varied bodywork therapies such as Aromatherapy, Chinese, LomiLomi Massage, pregnancy and infant massage. More recently Nyree has trained in Mizan Abdominal massage, which focuses on reproductive and womb healing.

Over the past five years Nyree discovered Sound Therapies which have completely transformed her life. She has experienced training with wonderful sound healers, including Dian Booth, which inspires her to share her love of sound with others to enhance their lives. Nyree re-discovered her love of singing and has taken group courses and private voice sessions and loves incorporating vocals into her sound sessions.

Nyree loves travelling to connect with ancient cultures and to experience and learn their healing ways. She has a reverence for people, animals and our Earth. She feels called to help others to connect with the true essence of who they are, so that they may live richer and more inspired lives.


Certified Self Directed Healing Practitioner Inspirited, 2021
Levels 1,2 & 3 Sound, Colour & Movement Therapy, Dian Booth (2016-2017)
Diploma of Remedial Massage, Health Arts College (2011)
Certificate of Mizan Therapy, Bushra Finch (2019)
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Found. Training, Aloha Healing Therapies, (2014)
Biofield Tuning, Biofield Australia (2019)
Past Life Assimilation and Arbah Healing, Kachina Ma’an (2019)
Massage in Schools Program Facilitator (2018)
Cert IV in Massage Therapy, Melb. College of Natural Therapies (2003)
Cert IV in Remedial Therapies (Aromatherapy) Melb. College of Natural Therapies (2003)
Certified Infant Massage Facilitator (2007)
Levels 1 & 2 Sekhem Energy Healing (2001)
Currently studying Cert IV in Life Coaching & Diploma in Mental Health